$MNK seems like a good time for the Bobby Ross masterpiece tape painter on a Friday night now that I got home from Viva Las Vegas. 30 Minute - 50 red crossed 100 pink, then 100 pink crossed 200 blue. 20 yellow is trend line. 60 Minute- Should see a golden cross on the 50 red and 200 blue next week. Last time we had that happen, it was a good thing like Martha Stuart Juicing with Charlie Sheen on the green dilly cucumber smoothies. Daily Dilly Alert - This is a sleeper in the making for the rope and chair hangman pattern for my favorite shorty. 200 SMA on the blue is creeping downward by about 7-9 cents a day. Today it was at 5.94. We are all gonna blow our loads on this one for perfect 10 cover girl when she's ready to pop a cherry. My last buy was 450 on the open - all Verified with my flight crew. Earnings surprise will be major catalyst - as will any other items to fill the gap for the cream machine. Fraudelity- shows 99.5K pills to snort at 6% HARD TO BORROW
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