$MNK Hi fellow longs, how's MNK treating you so far? You're skill sets have been fully appreciated. I ask a favor of you especially to those who are expert in shorting stocks. Do you mind to do due diligence in RH? I just want to be sure if I still have my sanity. What's the best play? If you think you'll profit from it, then you're very much welcome! :-) Best regards!
@M5IVE What's the name of your expert shorter buddy that likes MNK? He would want to dk this, too.
@Ze12Xyh3p6 i know it’s been ripping in price. I do spend a shit ton of money with that retailer. They were able to get the couch upstairs on today’s move. They have a really good outlet business in vero beach. It’s like a treasure coast trove for interior designers on million dollar homes. I’m about to drop some legit cake with their window shades design team.