$CTL There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding today's stock price drop. Here are my two cents (detailed thread): archive.ph/Ymg0E ""what is going on with down 4% in a day? No news?" [...] This is likely the news: 37 state AGs accuse CenturyLink of ‘weaponizing’ class settlement to evade AG suit reuters.com/article/legal-u... [...] I think market makers and shorts took advantage of this news today. [...] "Thanks for the update. Didn't know. We have dealt with this garbage for years but it doesn't mean someone else won't ask for a pound of flesh as they are running for relection(s)..." Agreed! [...] I don't mind DRIP-ing at lower prices ;-) [...] These billing lawsuits are another great opportunity to demonstrate CTL 's incredible Margin of Safety."