$ATNF In Phase 3 the last phase of a potential $7.5 Billion therapy in just the US & Europe with probably over $20 Billion in revenues worldwide. Fully funded with Grants(grants only given to the Best of the Best 1% ers with a proven track record) and cash on hand for 3 years. NO Dilution. Targeting Dupuytren’s Disease(NO competition for this therapy) Phase 2 greatly exceeded all primary endpoints. Greater than 90% chance this therapy gets FDA approval. Multiple other therapies in Pipelines with a much larger market projected sales at $150 BILLION worldwide targeting the #1 cause of all autoimmune diseases in the world (INFLAMMATION). Tiny 1 million share float and a Tiny $100 Million market cap. Dream Team All Star Management already developed and sold well over $100 Billion in Therapies and companies. 30X or more current share price will most definitely be a reality. Incredible Patent portfolio is the worth 8X the current stock price alone. Management owns 50% of outstanding Shares