$ATNF 👉🏻 Early Dupuytren's Actual Study Start Date : March 2, 2016 👉🏻Estimated Primary Completion Date : November 2020 👉🏻Estimated Study Completion Date : June 2021 👉🏻Completion Date was pushed back around 3 months because of Covid. Phase 3 results out Sept/Oct 2021 but probable end of August on another blockbuster therapy this All Star Dream Team will bring to market as they have done many times before. 👉🏻PT: $100.00 when Dupuytren's results are released if it happens sooner so be it. Please do your DD(Due Diligence) and you cannot argue this price prediction. Phase 2 greatly exceeded all endpoints. Absolutely the best Management Team in the BioPharma field. The Spac merger is behind them now. These Top notch Scientists will do what they do best & create another master piece w/ 180 Life Sciences but this one will be their greatest yet. Patience will be greatly rewarded. Should be trading around $20.00 by end of June and $35-$40 by August in anticipation of the results.