$ATNF VANGUARD Filed 2 separate 13G’s on Feb 10th 2021 Vanguard Group Inc. 1,180,000 shares and Vanguard Index Funds 1,069,400 shares, On March 1st 2021 Vanguard Extended Market Index funds Investor Shares purchased 106,000 shares most likely a starter position. Total shares purchased is 2,356,000 shares taking a 13% stake of the outstanding shares. More funds have been buying also. Co-Founders buying in open market. Managements interests are directly aligned w/ shareholders owning 50% of the company. Float is next to NOTHING being held by long strong hands holding for years. Many upcoming catalysts about pipeline data will be more frequent. All Spac issues are behind them now. This All Star Team will do what they do best & create an masterpiece as they did many times before. Extensive patent portfolio alone is worth multiples of current stock price. Phase 3 Dupuytren's results will be out Sept/Oct 2021 possibly sooner and pretty much a slam dunk. PT:$100.00 + when results are released