$ATNF Co-Founder Prof. Raphael Mechoulam "THE GODFATHER Of CANNABIS RESEARCH" and Noble Prize nominee (1 of 6 Super Stars of Management) Best known for discovering the Endocannabinoid system and isolating the two primary compounds, CBD and THC. One of many amazing pipeline candidates is 180 Life sciences Synthetic CBD Analogs therapies would potentially replace or very least upheaval the addictive $100 Billion+ OPIOID market. Tiny float with over $150 Billion in potential pipeline therapies on the number # 1 cause of all autoimmune diseases in the world (Inflammation) & Chronic Pain Therapies with the Best Minds in the world. All Star Dream Team Management created drugs & companies that sold well over $100 Billion. If there is any team in the world that will succeed this is it. Management owns 50% of outstanding shares & interests directly aligned with shareholders. Vanguard owns 13% of the outstanding shares. Current market cap is laughable. Patience people merryjane.com/news/godfathe...