$SQ Until Cathie let's go of some of these stocks it is lose lose situation. But I do thought one of these days especially for $TDOC $ZM will have a short squeeze. I only own $TDOC at low 80's but I believe they will benefit from this chaos eventually based on purchases made by whales in December 2021 and January 2022. They did that with $F and I watched it go from 16.80 to 12 back to 18 and go pass it. For 6 months it was nothing but chip fear and now it does not even matter. So right now inflation is being priced in and bottom is being flirted each day. Few catalysts with proper ER - few companies that actually have clear path to growth will have organic growth for stock prices and CONSOLIDATE FOR F sakes. :-) Extremely bullish on $TDOC because of my average being reasonably low to wait and NOT total bear on ARK ETF her average of 160-70 isn't going to be good till like 10 years. Maybe 120 this year with solid path to profit for later.
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