Top calls past 8 trading days $APDN 1.17 cost average/first post 1.41 ran to $5.43 so far for a supernova play. $GOVX 1.68 first mention before it peaked over $4.30 $AEMD @ 1.33 and its currently 2.50 two days later and was over 100% in AH $VRAX 6.98 - ran to $13+ at peak Among many more I’m too lazy to type. People I lose around 35-40% of my trades and never play the chart perfectly. I sell too early sometimes and sometimes I get stubborn/ greedy with others. Honestly, I am fairly weak in terms of handling my emotions and I will fully admit that I’m diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But one thing I have always excelled at is being able to predict mass psychology and sniff these things out. It has allowed me to achieve a self sufficient lifestyle I truly did not think would ever be accessible to me. I have two plays I think have a good chance to be next. One is $TUEM. Will confirm the other one come premarket