$IBIO gotta be honest and say I can at least understand why people think this is “POS” stock when consistently see it drop 10-20% from PM highs at bell or see any spike in price only get dumped.... I’ve held for long term Frustrated to say I haven’t scalped when there has been plenty of opportunity to do so. I just feel this stock is ONE PRESS RELEASE AWAY from 100-200% gains and don’t want to miss out on a quick double by trying to scalp 10-25% here and there. Kudos to those successfully scalping and successfully shorting on the peaks! Guess within next couple weeks we will see if I’m a bag holder in terms of having bags of cash from my profits lol or bag holder in the sense of praying and hoping it one day goes back to $3+ Glta - no ill will to hearts, or shorts - just can’t stand the pointless thoughtless posts or lil chump trolls living in mamas basement One thing I’ve learned from 20 years of trading is: “you’re only right when you make money 💰!”
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