$SLS 📈🚀 Today and/or Monday could be MAJOR BREAKOUT DAY! Watchers who haven’t done their Due diligence you got about 1.5hr to do so! I’m not going to say any crazy $20+ predictions although that is what this is VALUED AT MINIMUM, but even just technically speaking ... Break of $3 and this could see $3.50-$3.60 within hours if not minutes! Good 15-20% ROI for all you swing/momentum traders! $IBIO $SPY HUGE volume last three days!!! - Still HUGE short position and 8 days to cover so could create an epic squeeze! - PR any second but don’t count on it with this management team and lack of IR Last month this had bounced in the $2.50 to $2.94 trading range and with yesterday HIGH and CLOSE AT HIGH... we may just see the break out today!
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