$CLVS Rubraca is pledged for ATHENA funding, so if BP waits for bankruptcy, it'll be gone; but, they could buy it from that company, of course, & it'd be a lot cheaper anyway. So bankruptcy is still real unless Pat has had any promise of a deal. Maybe the emergency BOD meeting was because of lack of such a deal, though? Or someone backtracked out of a deal? I'd imagine that if for nothing else, Novartis could be willing to pay $2-3 billion just for FAP-2286 alone, though. PFE wouldn't want to lose Rubraca to the company that provided funding 'cause there's no guarantee it wouldn't go to PFE's competitor, so PFE might be perfectly willing paying up $3-5 billion. Well, if PFE ponies up even $3 billion for Rubraca, then all debt is gone & they have money to finish FAP-2286 (& Lucitanib) on their own. So bankruptcy is still not too likely UNLESS it's the plan. They might even just sell Rubraca rights only in EU. Would be enough. Pure speculation on my part. In my opinion