$CCIV Guys. The headline number from Bloomberg was incorrect causing the sell off as nobody is looking at it properly and everyone is saying $24b and it’s not. CCIV shareholders put in $2.07b and get 16.1% of lucid so we are paying a valuation of $12.85b not $24b, I think because on Spacs usually the Pipe pays $10 a share and on this one it’s $15 (which is really good for us!) this has confused everyone. The bottom line is we are getting 16.1% so CCIV shareholders have paid $12.85b for the company (at $10 a share) and The pipe are paying a 50% premium so they are paying $12.85 x 1.5 so $19.28b PLEASE REPOST THIS!!!!! EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THE HEADLINE $24b is incorrect it’s $12.85b!!!!!
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