$VET.X MoU's are cool, deals even cooler. And forged partnerships for the long run MUCH cooler. A HUGE foundation is in the make, more MoU's, more deals, more partnerships. This is all cool but barely reflected in price, which is understandable since value shouldn't be based on cool things that are not "live" or visual yet. With the forecasted growth for transactions in 2020, VTHO-burn will follow. The increasing VTHO-burn will be the prove for all of us that the project is fully up and running, and that it's working, solving real life problems. For those still sitting on the sidelines: True value will come overtime and will be reflected on price sooner rather than later. Prices are a steal as of now, make us of it! With some portion of patience, a small position here could give you an overwhelmingly great return. Do some DD, dig in VeChain's foundation and make a decision because true price valuation is around the corner here. A hidden gem if you'd ask me.. 💎💙💪🏼
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