$SYSX WARNING: narcisist/compulsive liar. all his posts on this stock contradicts itself. saying hes building a million share position while bashing the shit out of the stock. Dont listen to a thing this idiot says. Everything is lies and bullshit. Mn121410 6/2/22, 10:40 AM $SYSX added 138k @ .0533. Mn121410 6/7/22, 05:06 PM $SYSX REVERSE SPLITS ARE NOT ALWAYS NEGATIVE! If you're scared just sit on the sideline and watch. Mn121410 6/30/22, 01:50 PM $SYSX buckle up ladies and gents. The deal is done. Mn121410 7/6/22, 10:59 AM $SYSX who else added at .032? Mn121410 7/6/22, 10:08 AM $SYSX people jumping right off a bridge because they can't be patient. Mn121410 8/1/22, 10:21 AM I just dumped the shares I bought at .019 for .029 I'll get back in under 2 again.
$SYSX I'm sure this wont be good for the price short term....but that's not what I'm here for.
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