$IFMK Can we all agree that this will continue to be shorted and will not find a suuprt without a company statement or positive PR stating they are not being investigated also. I don't think ER is going to do it. Heck, I can't find a confirmed ER date. And I certainly don't want to wake up one Momday morning to find an an announcement that they are RS. We thought .44 was the support. Noe it's .41. Check out AWSM (tried to hold 40 then 30, then 25 and finally at 12!) or SLS (just did a 50 to1 RS)to see what happens next. I am not waiting to see it go that route. Don't give me.the crap that this can't happen to THIS company. BTW, I am not short on this. I own 29.4k shares!!
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