$INO because DoD is already taking steps to accelerate vaccine development, opening the gates for other donors to consider contributing. $INO because Trump says in April Americans will be back to work... but we might not even have any TP to wipe our asses with. Guess White House is fully stocked! $INO because I want to be able to to work from home, safely. Because I don’t want to go back to my office until leader (hand picked by DoD) in COVID-19 vaccine development comes up with something that will protect my colleagues and I from something that is more contagious, dangerous, and infectious than the flu. $INO because COVID-19 tests are in short supply , and when I do get access to one, I want to be surrounded by people (with clean asses) who are all sure we’ll test negative because we got our COVID-19 shots and TP already!!!!
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