$SESN Couple of things that comes to mind: -Continue bracing yourself. It is still unstable and probably going down (I know many people are making ton of money here, but I am also making meaningful money. So, like many of you guys, a lot of time I am actually correct. It may take a day or two, but it happens when it should) - It is holding strong. I agree. But it is going down while probably the biggest catalyst before approval came out today. It should be gapping up even with market going down. - A lot of victory lap yesterday on how it did not go down while vote past (by only 4% margin by the way, so it was close and that was the reason they were calling people to the last day). I agree it held very well yesterday. But, nobody mentioned that part of it was because of the strong foundation built by no ATM for month. Basically no one was selling which is good, but nobody was also coming in.) I am still holding shares on this one, But it is not as promising as it was before.