@Mainermatt DDOG Daily/Weekly range with earnings 8/4/22 before market. TSLA, AMZN both ranges as well which I posted recently and all pops, this could be the hat trick. 🏒
@NoticetheTA I was thinking about selling my CLF but I still have a loss and it’s hard for me to dump with a loss. I don’t have enough time to research puts and calls. I’m sure if I understood it better I could win more often. I loaded up more GOLD back to about half my portfolio. They report Monday and are going into earnings with massive selling. It would be hard to see it crash more unless they have a horrible report.
@NoticetheTA I’m getting worried about a pullback in CLF. What’s your current view. I was almost thinking to sell CLF and move into NEM before NEM pops. I feel like a pullback would make sense here based on the chart.