$SPCE it's like a billionaire took a big sticky dump (ya know the one, the one that sticks to the edges of your toilet) on a golden plate and left it outside his door and ya'll keep bidding the poo higher and higher when the smart ones are just interested in the plate not the poo. I'm not retarded -- I'm not buying puts/shorting this yet, but the moment I see all the unsullied pieces of that poo plate getting chipped off, I'm going to put an insane amount of capital into washing the poo off of what's left of ol' Ricky boy's poo-plate by hosing his porch down with poo puts. So many poo puts. Poo puts the likes of which you've never SEEN before. Bullish because this is fun to watch lol and also I'm happy for ya'll turd burglers who make money :) $SPY you also have poo on u
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