$NKLA Basically your pumping post here suggesting that the WHOLE WORLD, lot of lot of companies are using NKLA WITHOUT any benefits (not even advert or article or marketing value, not to mention ANY PROFIT) from those usage. But yes the WHOLE WORLD IS USING NKLA TECH. Are you believing what you are saying? I am sick of the lies and manipulations, I go for a vomit, this was too much man.
$NKLA This is my take. The hummer EV drive train is Nikola tech. We already know Iveco drive train is Nikolas Tech. The Cummings and Navistar class 8 trucks are Nikola Tech. There are probably others coming out. I feel this all part of the One Global Platform Nikola had created. Kinda makes sense if you ur using the the One Global Platform you will be already set for the fueling. Remember patented tech were not pouring fuel into these trucks anymore the refueling nozzle must be compliant with the industry standard. Nikola has that patented. Also Nikola has the communication patented between fuel station and FCEV. No more key pads or inserting a credit card. The vehicle will be recognized as soon as it arrives. And authorized to be refuled.. Just my few cents worth. Thats also why GM released the Hummer. Did you notice they blacked out the under carriage would not show you the electric motors. I bet because we would recognize them from the Nikola TRE
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