$HCMC If you *know* that 2 + 2 = 4 , being in a room full of people who think the answer is 5.7 shouldn’t shake you. Stop It. The bashers aren’t scary people away. It’s the TERRIBLE ODDS of this stock going anywhere or the ludicrous idea that the outcome of their $PM court case is going to somehow change those odds… THAT’S what’s keeping shareholders mum.
$HCMC 614 Alert There are many shareholders that own millions of shares hiding BC they just got sick of bashers post. This is a tactic used by bashers to control a room than ultimately control the stock. Sometimes it is painful, but everyone needs spread the word, post, and at a minimum don’t let the rats push you out of a room that is yours. Posting positivity is just as important as buying shares.. “614” your orders small are large. Every size is just as important. Bashers are non shareholders… THIS IS HCMC !!!! THIS IS WAR !!!!
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