$TRCH Doing exactly what I said - flat today - then another -10% down tomorrow. Retail investors got pump and dumped for Greg to convert his $1.5M note to 4,000,000 shares and sell them. He actually sold more than 4,000,000 - check his shares held over the past few filings. And he pulled a fast one - converted and sold in the same day so he wouldn't have to report the sale - just had to update his number of shares held.
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@Lowneasy the 1.5M was divided in 3 parts. $500k unsecured promissory, $500k retained for operations, $500k to be held in escrow. The latter two sums are to be held until at least Nov. 2 pending a merger, and without the merger they must give $1M back. The other sum will then have until May 2021 to be paid back. These dates follow closely with the expected merger and Q2 earnings we’ve discussed. They don’t even have the rights to convert that first sum into common stock until Nov 2 and that can only happen if they don’t enter in to the agreement by that date or if the transaction is terminated prior to closing. Quit talking your bullshit, spend your time figuring how you’re gonna cover those shorts by Friday. ⏰
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