$AKBA There are 3 situations that could play out. Read below👇 There is the the Good, the bad, and the “medium”. I’m not one to panic and lose my shit. Yes it’s been upsetting but I always stick to the plan, or brainstorm how/why/what “could” happen. My average is still in the green. I’ll start with the bad first: The bad situation implies we fall, and we fall hard. Taking a look at the 200EMA on the 180 day chart, it would appear falling BELOW that would be losing the support around $3.87 causing a really really sucky situation. The medium: We also fall tomorrow, but find support around $3.87 and strongly. We may bounce right back up to 4$+, or we may stay flatlined consolidating around there. Either way also pretty sucky. The good: We either finally get our news we’ve been waiting for, or we get some random kick of volume and the MM’s finally let go a bit and we continue upwards. Many ppl have no idea what support levels are so here ya go.