$XELA DILUTION DILUTION !!!...Add a 100 million shares making it 190 million free float assuming they sell in the 4-9 dollar range would be approximately 700 million $. That would ramp up the income to positive approximately 150 million$ cash flow plus a sizeable chunk of the 1.3 billion in revenue.(they are growing could be much higher) possibly 2 billion would be now streamline . New money can be used in many ways most notably into expanding and paying off remaining debt. AT that point debt interest would be significantly reduced. payments then become a breeze leaving that cash to work.that would put exela in the triple digits. Let's say this optimistic scenario doesn't play out it will still put them at a much higher value than it's ath with them achieving 20% of the optimistic view I mentioned. This company is extremely undervalued that's why we're all here. Please correct me if I'm wrong in my calculations in those scenarios . Always learning when trading!