$GNUS from Andy Hayward these are already licensed and being prepared for sale: " we have already licensed for a second income stream, all the consumer products based on the toys on the programs, so that's toys ,music publishing, backpacks ,sleepwear school supplies ,bedding, stationery footwear ,soft good plushies, bicycles, toothpaste, food products, health and beauty. Pretty much anything you can think of between rainbow rangers and llama llama, we have about 450 skews of products coming into the marketplace starting this coming June and over the next 12 months, you won't be able to get away from these products" an excerpt from an interview he recently did on proactive investors TV, located in New York City. THE REVENUE STREAMS, FROM THIS COMPANY, WILL BE ASTOUNDING 💸 If you actually know what is in store for investors.... this is one of those times I could actually dare say Lambos 🥂
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