@PrettyPrincessPoop Yet, at the same time, you embrace deeply a seriously sick human being That is ST number one abuser of all types of people, and a whore from the swamps Whom has several identities solely for the purpose of degradation. Hence, birds of a feather flock together. What are you gonna do now tell me I’m telling you who your friends can be? No! You choose your friends! Don’t be stupid about it! If you choose to hang out with trash you are considered trash. Those of stature and wealth like myself judge you deeply upon those decisions. When you decide you’re going to take that type of trash into your life you no longer are invited to the parties amongst the elite, no longerIncluded in those special deals/arrangements. It’s by your choice. When they see you they don’t degrade you or say harsh things to you, rather, they’re polite to you as I would be. But they walk away feeling as though they were just polite to those whom deliver their trash to the dump.