$SRNE -I just now fully listened (like listened listened) to the R&D call. Ji sucks at English and chose the wrong words at times but overall I have a feeling SRNE is on a faster timeline than what I’ve read in the msg board. The words “very close” “very comfortable” “very near” “very potent” “very active” very happy” “very big” “very unique” were however, chosen carefully. In their eyes they thought they were expressing a high level of confidence while not putting themselves on the chopping block against critics. After being blasted for claiming to have a cure months ago; Sorrento did pretty well displaying their pipeline. There’s a difference between releasing your company of liability and reporting negative news about products. I think we’re going to see week after week late stage catalysts that are going to move this stock up quickly. I know a lot of us Bulls have gotten our ass handed to us and are trying to keep our expectations in check, but we are on the cusp of greatness.
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