$BNTX Poised to breakout the next couple/few days. I entered today
@MarkLitwin definitely not going to setup another portfolio. I’ll keep you posted. Next week I’ll make 9% that day. I made 50% from yesterday on my call options on ameh. I bout at 3.98 sold 1/2 my position when the daily broke the upward tread on a 15 minute chart. Sold 5 shares for 6.30 kept another 5 because there is no reason to completely exit yet. Daily still looks great, wouldn’t surprise to see a small pull back Monday potentially. I’ll keep you posted though, I have a busy start to the week so might be more mid week. I trade options primarily. I do have shares but don’t like to mess with them as I see those as long term and do options for quicker plays
@CChrisW12 I bought $AMEH on JUNE 4th this year on s break out from the 55 days price channel(100% invested) and doubled my account! Here is my position today if I haven't sold.