Yes, I recall, the post, it will be Friday, or after the weekend, just waiting on the “final” approval of the already written PR. He may have a good product, but I’m starting to believe the post about the CEO being a shifty shady Dishonest SOB I see people posting. And all his actions or lack thereof just seems to reenforce he does not give a crap how much he shits on the stock price if it puts $$ in his grubby little paws as implied. I wish he would prove them wrong, but, if it walks and quacks like a duck???
@MarkRoe they literally can’t - when you’re working with a CVS/Kroger/Costco (fortune 25), you do shit their way/their time. The company already said they’re just waiting on the green light to announce. And that it’s already signed (illegal to say that without it being true).
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