The Angel of The Market says whoa. Bro you went from saying you were not an OTC guy to making other life long OTC callers look bad in just a few weeks. I never realized that when you said you would show us adaptation in the market place that you would show us this much. Loved BPSR. . Retweet @KillerStockCall "Previous Alerts That NHOD Today $BPSR HOD 0.6299 from 0.0428. A 1,371.73% Increase $GGII HOD 0.0347 from 0.0033. A 951.52% Increase $GVSI HOD 0.0388 from 0.0065. A 496.93% Increase $AHT HOD 2.74 from 1.94. A 41.24% Increase $JAKK HOD 9.34 from 8.03. A 16.32% Increase #Fintwit" . Thank you @KillerStockCall for these alerts and good luck on your journey. May we meet again in the future. Damn, bro on BPSR before people even knew what it was.