$OBLN just did the math. Current market cap = $13.7 mil.. that’s literally nothing. I’m planning on this quadrupling in the next 6-8 months. SP~$6.8 which means the market cap will be ~$54.8 mil..(still low in my opinion) and if each treatment is about $9,000 each then $54.8mil /$9,000= ~6,000 patients that need to be treated (not including other revenue sources i.e. patent licensing and investing, not to mention the cash they already have on hand and the worth of their assets. In short, 6000 patients to only quadruple this is incredibly reasonable 6000/360 =just 16 patients a day. They already have a store and many other weight loss clinics are using their product. Soon to open stores in the UK... I’m certain this will more than quadruple.. just use logic y’all.
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