@dchenz @Farmboi @GapUpPlz Haha I have never lost because of Gap. Keep on pumping the notion that I don’t know how to trade or I have lost money cause I didn’t have anyone holding my my hand Keep saying anything to try to make yourselfs a victim. I will continue to expose the fraud that is @GapUpPlz to hopefully save new inexperienced people from falling from his tactics. You guys also say” get a life, how do you have this much time?” Well looks like you guys have just as much time to jump up at every post I make and make lame excuses to cover up proof I have shown. Now keep doing as your told. Glad you came to defend gap after he begged his room. Glad he is so not confident in himself that he has to ask his members to come to his defense.
@dchenz @Farmboi @GapUpPlz @gapdownplz This might be the best one yet. If there were 3 loafs of bread we might take them from two needy people with children. Haha because he was exposed we would take from the needy? How desperate is he? Haha I understand I bet this hits close to home for this bum. Gap will be the one asking the people that have the bread for a donation. Pretty soon you will see him on a street corner with a sign.
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