$NUGT $JNUG $DUST $JNUG SPOT GOLD opened down 0.12 quickly dropped 2.00 to 1560.00 goldprice.org/live-gold-pri... Listening to Robert O'Brien on Meet the Press defend bloated "4 Embassy" excuse Trump has used as justification for killing a foreign national with no OKAY from US Congress was as quite entertaining as Sunday TV gets. Trump must have an inferiority complex, continually justifying with expanding embellishment of why he threatens & retreats. Like "fire & fury" promise to NK. Jerks GOLD up, then back down GOLD hit 1611 midweek and on Trump's unfounded standdown description of IRAN's response, GOLD retraced 61% of $80 pop from 1539 on Jan.2 close. IRAN for its part, SHOT DOWN a flight and killed 62 Canadians. Trump boasted "No one killed or hurt." His slurred speech, glazed eyes and ridiculous claims are great reason to buy GOLD & sell $SPY
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