$NIO $SPY $F $GM $TSLA MUPPETS don't have any NASAL passages so the swabs do not work testing for coronavirus. The anal ORIFICE TEST for a MUPPET needs a proctologist order, scrip, or notarized letter. Bullish $NIO & $SPY to Friday. NEXT WEEK markets do what they did 1 week after the 1987 Crash. Stocks had big aftershocks ONE WEEK after the 1987 Crash. Trigger to this will be firing of Dr. FAUCI and Trump demands to go back to work by April 12. U.Penn (Wharton School) - DEAN of Penn's Medical School just said today, C-VIRUS won't peak until the END of MAY at earliest. - noun: orifice an opening, as of a pipe or tube, or one in the body, such as a nostril or the anus.
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