$SPY I BANKED in a 40 foot shot the last time the gym was OPEN. Better shooter at 75 years old than Kobe ever was. Or LeBron. I called "bank" on that shot too. Too bad they had a coach at my high school who never played me. Because of my race. On the bench. He said I would not fit in with his starters from the 'hood. He was just jealous because I was the top student in school.
@skiddy5 Amazing, I have banked over 30 grand in the last 2 weeks, and I am working with 500-700 shares, all covered calls, and 1 covered Put, down 10$ or so. I am getting so bad I sold some of my $SPY, QQQ, DIa shares today just to buy more $NVAX & $MRNA..and those were my core.. i also sold all the other CV19 stocks
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