$BTC.X $ETH.X $LINK.X $AVAX.X $ONE.X Perfect time to setup your dollar cost averaging strategy or reorg if you’ve got one. The pattern is repeating itself. I think we see a $31k BTC sometime this week possibly weekend or anytime in Jan if we get a small rebound and then flat. We will then see a major pump in q2 and I feel we will see new all time highs by mid summer. Just keep averaging in folks that’s about all you can do. oh and um… DONT BE A FKNG IDIOT AND USE LEVERAGE. The morons using leverage and getting liquidated on exchanges are the ones causing major drops along with whales manipulating the price. Then you have all these newbies who get in and god forbid the price of anything drops more than 8% and they are OUT 😂😂😂😂. You don’t know what real pain is until you see your portfolio down millions in one day you weak handed bastards