@Professorr This is what I gathered while going through VUZIX. Sorry, if there are any rookie errors. VUZIX - $VUZI Area: Augmented Reality and smart glasses ST: 15000 watchers 88 Employee profiles in LinkedIn and just hit market cap of $1 BN Integrated with ZM, Cisco. Can be combined with smart phone and smart glasses Smart glasses provide instruction on the go and VIDEO confirmation for quality assurance ss-usa.s3.amazonaws.com/c/3... vuzix.com/solutions/manufac... Intel owns a part I believe. I was only able to find old links with varying numbers Clients (not a full list): KDDI Telecom GSL Dubai uses their tech - linkedin.com/signup SpringCity - Renewable Energy Australia Taiwan Medical Recent PR about University of Louisville school of medicine says 320 students received clinical shadowing experience https://www.linkedin.com/posts/vuzix_furthertogether-activity-6759874892931330048-Ojau