Starting to become a stan of @melissascrookedtooth. Called the RS the day of. Dropped a little TA the day of some negative price action (Yes, I know there have been many days of red). Offers valuable insight for those willing to listen/learn. I've adjusted my position and expectations accordingly Before everyone starts coming for my rear hatch... I genuinely appreciate BO talk as well. The effort and insight into that potential is out of my realm Tempering expectations and exploring all options are not mutually exclusive. There is nothing wrong (Long term) running P1 alone if data is positive.
$KTOV For the past 3 years, the 50 day has been a nasty trendline when below the 200-day. At the end of the month, the stock price will have to make choice. For people who are not myopic and think beyond "stocks must only do what I think", it is not out of the realm of possibility this dips below 4 again in the short term with little to no news. It may or may not .... but don't kid yourself if you think it can't. Be prepared for all options. Trend is your friend or past results don't guarantee future performance
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