$LKNCY Im analyzing the B2B and e-commerce division at Luckin Coffee. The brand is already one of the top one in China and I see more and more Luckin products sold on other third parrties platforms . Now, the step to be in Supermarket stores in China or elsewhere is not so far off.. its all about product quality and brand recognition. Over a couple of years, this could be a major catalysts.. seeing Luckin products beside Nestle and other in masse market (ie: supermarkets).. If we get a news about a new plant + logistic center(s) then they will attack the mass market.
@Math_N1nja every market analysis often starts by existing competition here the split for Starbucks guess its the grey portion of the bars which seems pre-packaged coffee and tea products ~ 3 billions$ in 2018 Luckin is doing more by selling electronics, jewelries, toys, etc…
@Swissinvestch Interesting! Looks to be a little over 10% of their revenue. Also looks like they combined 2019 and 2020’s grey bar with the ”other” category on this chart. It will be great to see how the e-commerce is part of their larger business plan. “To be a part of everyone’s everyday life, STARTING with coffee.” Here’s a throwback pic: Obviously not the same context as in the 90’s, but just for fun :)