$SMFX It’s amazing that an organization would put their ticker on the home page and ignore it the way SAMTrade FX does. I know I’d be embarrassed to show a falling share price like that. Especially, showing a market cap of just barely over $1M. I don’t think I’d want to do trading with a firm that appears that small. At this point I’d rather it fall even farther and maybe it’ll get Sam’s attention and get the RM completed with PC and financials. A financial institution needs to have good books, so it can’t be that hard to submit necessary forms and financials.
@GuidedByDD IMO the Samtrade FX financials do not fall under this ticker. Its strictly a holding company for their intellectual property and proprietary tech. Thats being said in their description it also says itll serve as a 'hub', for their aquired assets and properties. Once they aquire anything using there 1billion AS, you will see dilution. Thats what their waiting for i assume an acquisition of some sorts for now there is nothing to report. Just my opinion.