$DMYI A quick Google search shows that there are at least 72 companies developing quantum computers. seems like there are many different concepts but no one has cracked the code yet. But if some of them do, it will be interesting to see if it gets as big as people think. Will it be the winner who takes everything, or will it be easy to copy the technology. If they make it at all. The odds that this breaks the code and become what they say they can become is in my opinion 1~5%. It is still tempting to put money in here: / But I am a bit of a gambler so do not listen to me. But if they succeed in mere progress, the hype can 2-10x the price even if they do not break the code 100%. cool spac
@Karl0joh There’s a reason these investors chose ionQ and not the other “75” companies out there. Follow the big money. They know more than we do.