$ADMP Zimhi: biospace.com/article/exclus... Now they are saying Narcan is not enough to fight Fentanyl. Higher dose Zimhi will have a niche market. Opiant is trying to find out the effectiveness of Nalmaphene against Narcan spray. That study result is coming later this year. This is getting nuts. The initial study comparison was between 1 mg intramuscular Nalmaphene against 3 mg Nalmaphene spray. So Zimhi is basically comparable to 10 to 15 mg Narcan spray. Zimhi would save a lot of liquid and money. However, competition is getting intense. Teva’s generic is also coming may be later this year or early next year pending Court decision. Wells Fargo said Teva would likely win the patent case against emergent. Zimhi will add at $1 to $1.5 to the sp, imo assuming Nalmaphene performs better than Narcan. If it doesn’t, it would add $3.