@MaxInvestor89 he’s not actually going Jto sue them. His tweets falsely claimed he submitted a criminal referrals to the DOJ, but he didn’t, because legally he can’t. Further, the last thing in the world he wants is to have to provide proof of his business. Read the last SEC report. He claims that the Mozambique project is the only revenue generator, but wait, all revenues are tied up in escrow and there are delays with labor and construction. Now google energy/Mozambique. Enerkon nor the company he claims is involved in the project have anything to do with the recently completed solar farm or the one currently being constructed. ITS ALL A LIE AND A SCAM
@Ashen73 I already know everything you just mentioned. Technically, the Mozambique project was sold to Al-Fada for 38m$ in the form of a convertible note into Al-Fada common stock, too. The sentence from the latest 10-Q, that I have underlined, is VERY interesting! One thing though, the lawsuit I have shared is an active one from PacerMonitor and has nothing to do with the sueing of Journalist or anything like that, that he recently tweeted. It has something to do with the old owners of ENKS stock, back in 2019.