$HPIL From what I heard SB will be submitting amended fillings soon🤔 Which mean that I was right to say that HPIL couldn't get Pink Current with the filling that were uploaded, thus far. I still can't believe an Attorney's signed on those fillings, though, but he managed to get HPIL to yield, on time, which prevented it to go to the Expert Market, which was already a relief for the shareholders. If anyone is looking for informations that are not speculations or rumors, I would check the supreme Court of BC website and search SB name and look for September 16 and 24, you might realized that he didn't told you the truth on something, and that a certain someone, was the one that was telling the truth from the beginning ("basketball")... Hate me as much as you want, I am just there for the TRUTH... That FIA tweet was too much for me. Can't find HPIL or Apogee in the FIA members list and if you check the affiliate section on their website, you'll see something that doesn't add up...