$HPIL He definitely corrected some things, but there are still obvious errors. The BIGGEST ONE, by far, is not disclosing the shares issuance provenance in 2021, and now since he added 11m$ in stock based compensation that makes that extremely wrong! Who got those 11m$ worth of shares in Q3!? Nevermind, it seems that it was expense for debt settlement, well, that doesn't go there, only stock options, RSU expenses, and the like count as stock-based compensation expenses. Pretty sure L.T and David Postula were officers of the company as of September 30th, their name and the numbers of shares they hold, even if it's "0", must be disclosed in the table of beneficial ownership, item 7) of the disclosure statement! The promisory note payable outstanding balance is 1m$ in the balance sheet, and then if you check the Note (6), further below, the promisory note disclosed is for 500k$ at 12% per annum. The outstanding shares for the reporting period ending December 2020 is wrong.
@djpm49 No, even if most were consultant, the consulting fees + salaries/wages, would amount for me more than that, if they have really 20 employees. 20k$/employees for the whole year, seems low. The OTCmarkets profile shows that they had 17 employees as of August 12th. Also, the 79k$ expense related to salary was solely the CEO remuneration as per the note 9 "Related party transactions and balances"