$UVXY $SVXY $VXX $SPY Somebody's buying insurance... Somebody shook up options screens Thursday morning with a wager that the VIX Index will rise toward 40 -- and won’t be lower than 25 -- in July, up from about the 17 level where the volatility gauge currently trades. The trader appears to have made several block trades, buying a total of about 200,000 call contracts. That’s almost as big as the total daily volume of VIX calls, based on the 20-day average, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Concerns about everything from a looming tax hike to the pace of the economic recovery and rising inflation have traders concerned that the current calm in the stock market is going to be short-lived. With the cost of protection dropping amid the market’s ascent, some are loading up on protection in case things turn south. bloomberg.com/news/articles...