$GNUS I believe that Andy is leaving a trail of bread crumbs for those that are listening carefully and keep the faith. He refers to Warren Buffett quotes often as they are good friends. Wouldn’t you be kicking yourself the day they announce Warren Buffett as a large investor? Or any big name he’s been working closely with over the year. Andy can only say so much, legally. He’s not being vague to keep us on the hook, he’s being vague because these are the rules of the SEC he’s following. It’s funny because the shorts don’t need to follow rules, but our CEO is an honorable man, and he does right by shareholders. It’s an honor for me to follow this man into battle ✊🏼. I’ve always been a person of instant gratification, that’s why I used to bet $1000-$2000 per sports game so I could win or lose in 2 hours. The behavior of this stock is not in Andy’s control but it’s taught me patience I didn’t know I had and I could not have gained it any other way.
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