$GNUS As I read these posts and board this is setting up exactly like INO-Inovio back in April. The Investor / Trader psychology is amazing! The bashing: Company Sucks, CEO sucks, product sucks, Company is going bankrupt, delisted etc. ALL of these things and all the other statements that were said: “Bag-holders, Get out Now before it’s too late” etc are being said here. In addition, the investors/ traders responses of despair were stated too...It’s WILD. Furthermore, INO dropped from $18.90 to $5.13 Citron, losing 73%. (I remember the people saying they would by under $4). GNYS is down 80% ..$11.73 to $2.29. In the end, I see similar outcome for GNUS. GNUS has some advantages that INO didnt have and vice-versa...but in the end it will turn and it will be soon!
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