$GLBS I’m generally a very easy going guy. I teach others principles on business and strong mindset. I’m a man of faith, a father, a husband, a mentor... but I’ll to say that CanAm2 is the biggest POS I’ve ever conversed with on ST! I mean, I’ve met some shady characters, but even those whom disagree have enough integrity to talk civilly. Just take a look at his post history and you’ll see years of nothing but bashing, personal attacks and filth. I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone who hates life and people that bad! 🤔 in all honestly, he hates himself and I’ll continue to pray for his future and for the fact that I called him a POS! Read all of his comments, tell me what you think... maybe I expect goodness to come from all people. But the devil sure has his mind, heart and soul. Happy Wednesday everyone! 👋 p.s. first and only person I decided to block in 4 years on ST. I normally welcome all viewpoints, but he brings zero value into anyones life here.
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